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June 17, 2020 - Level 1 Exhibition

Gary Warner

As a haiku poet, I believe that we learn about God by observing his creation closely. For years I did this with words, now I am trying to do so with my camera.

Tom Bartel

I document moments through photography BECAUSE I am aware that we too often take for granted this capability to capture things as we saw and experienced, so that we may later look back with clarity.

Rob Friedman

BECAUSE of my years of dedication to glass as a medium, it is only natural that in photography I would remain attracted to the interplay of light.  Incandescent, fluorescent, natural - have different effects which are incorporated into the shot.  
If you are lucky, the photo will include translucence and light play, which are so seductive...

Sharonne Cohen

This collection captures the power of the human spirit, and the force of nature, both bursting forth in the Spring of 2020 with purpose and vitality: the natural world reaffirming life after a long, frigid northern winter; people springing into action in support of Black lives, demanding justice and equal human rights.

Rita Schulman

BECAUSE I am shut in, I look out.